The litigation team at Bonds Ellis Eppich Schafer Jones LLP is driven to win. Our litigation lawyers bring experience, innovation, creativity, passion, and toughness to every case, no matter the stakes.

We treat your money like it is our own, so we work to ensure that your litigation dollars are spent wisely and effectively. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has yielded many victories for our clients, before juries, judges, and arbitrators.

Not only are we successful in the courtroom, we are effective at the negotiating table. While we understand that many cases settle, we strive to put our clients in a position to succeed at trial, which then provides the opportunity to be successful in negotiating a positive result for our client.

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in virtually every type of business litigation matter, including contract disputes, theft of trade secrets, derivative suits, claims requiring temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions, fraud claims, Deceptive Trade Practices Act suits, products liability claims, premises defect suits, negligence suits, business disparagement actions, defamation claims (for libel or slander), and numerous others.

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