Bonds Ellis Eppich Schafer Jones LLP offers a full-service appellate practice, handling all phases of appeals in state and federal courts. Often, this involves filing post-judgment motions in the trial court, reviewing the record, preparing appellate briefs, and presenting oral argument. But we also understand that the success of an appeal can be impacted by the foundation that is laid in the trial court. Therefore, we are frequently asked to appear in litigation before the final judgment.

We have significant experience assisting trial lawyers with motion practice, error preservation, and jury charge preparation. Our appellate services are enhanced because of our extensive trial court experience. We understand the complexities as well as the practicalities of trying a lawsuit and will work to find creative solutions to the various issues that arise in litigation.

Our Appellete group is frequently asked to file petitions for writs of mandamus or interlocutory appeals. We advise our clients as to whether these specialized proceedings are available and make sense in any given situation.

Ultimately, we seek to find a successful and cost-effective resolution to every dispute.

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